Elle, 32

"I have absolutely loved training with Liv these last few months. She has taught me so much about my body including how strong it is! I never would have never thought it was possible to lift what I can now! Not only does Liv know exactly what she is doing but she genuinely cares about you and is able to make the experience enjoyable. I wouldn't hesitate in recommending Liv to anyone"

Lulu, 30

"A fountain of knowledge. I bought my husband a gym membership when I got mine and started training with Liv, and said "hey we can both go to the gym now!" to which he said "nah I'm into cycling". 5 months later, he randomly changes his tune and is asking Liv to write him a program and suddenly listening to everything she tells him to do with them gym"

Lisa, 29

"Liv has completely changed my relationship with exercising and food. She has got me lifting heavy (heavier than my fiancé), eating the right kinds of foods, and has helped me see amazing results. Liv isn't just a PT, she's an amazing coach who is focused on individualised goals." 

 I couldn’t feel more grateful for everything Olivia does for me. Her knowledge on how to support a woman’s body hormonally with the right supplementation and nutrition is amazing. But mostly I love having someone that I just feel comfortable with. All of my coaches have been interstate or online so even though I’ve been training for along time, I’ve never had anyone to help me with my form and work with my niggling issues that cause weaknesses. I’m constantly learning and fixing bad habits I’ve formed and can’t wait to continue making progress. And yes she is also hilarious. No she didn’t pay me to add that in. Or maybe she did....

Zoe, 29 

I highly recommend Olivia as a coach. Over the past year and a half, she has been a coach, mentor, therapist and friend! She has helped me improve my confidence and strength, both physically and mentally. She is always just a text away whenever I need help or have any questions. Her programs are straightforward and easy to follow, and she always goes above and beyond to ensure that I am training at my full potential.

Alyce, 29

People always ask me why I have a female trainer and my reply is simple - she’s the best trainer out there. My before and after photos are a testament to that. Not only has Olivia’s coaching been crucial to my physical transformation, her constant support and motivation was the catalyst for my change in lifestyle. I used to party every weekend, but once I started seeing the results from training with the boss it motivated me to quit the party lifestyle and start working on my health and physique. There have been ups and downs, periods when I have trained less and gone back a few steps due to personal issues and work schedule, but Olivia has always been there - supporting, encouraging, goading me to continue with my personal development. My transformation has motivated my friends and acquaintances to get healthy as well and I’ve even been accused of using steroids because people couldn’t believe how far I’d come in such a relatively short period. I swear by Olivia’s coaching and personally feel like starting to train with her is one of the best decisions I’ve ever made!

Lawrence, 32

Having Olivia as my coach has made my journey to a happy and healthy lifestyle achievable. When I'm training by myself or with her, I am constantly amazed at how far I can push my own limits in ways I wouldn't be able to do by myself. She is also a great dog mum.

Nat, 24

Liv was recommended to me by my Osteo to help with my on going injuries. Liv has been a fantastic support, not just with training but with nutrition also. I cannot thank her enough for what I have managed in the past 8 months. She is constantly making adjustments to help with my ongoing injury issues and is definitely the best trainer I have come across. 

Brendan, 34

I have been training with Olivia since February 2016 and I have never made a better investment in my own health. I had always been active but was looking for a new style of training to pique my interest. After my first session with Liv I was instantly hooked to strength training and have never looked back. She is an incredible coach in the gym and in life and has changed my perspective on health, fitness and my own self. I could not recommend her highly enough!

Chloe, 26

Olivia is an excellent coach. I used to hate going to the gym before I started seeing her, then I began to look forward to it. She writes a detailed program for each session during the week so I always knew what to do and would never get bored. She also knows her shit. There is so much information online and a lot of it is conflicting - being able to get advice from someone who has done the research and seen the results was invaluable. Olivia genuinely cares about her clients. I never felt like a number or a pay cheque. She was incredibly supportive and nonjudgmental if I’d had a bad week. Having someone who wants to help and believes in you, encouraged me to always do my best. I would highly recommend Olivia to anyone.

Nicola, 20