I train for performance. As a coach (and as someone who loves lifting heavy things themselves), I am all about creating the best body each individual is capable of. I am not a coach who creates cookie cutter sessions where the only aim is to break out in a sweat. I am not a coach who doesn't care about the progress of my clients. 

I am a coach who will try and educate you about your decisions and how they impact your well being. I am a coach who will always try and have something extra to give clients when they plateau. I am a coach who will give you sessions where you might not sweat, but you will do more for your body than you could have ever thought possible. 

All I want to do is help people achieve their goals, whether they be fat loss, muscle gains, increases in strength, or increases in fitness. I want to help people be happy and confident in their skin, because I've been there and know how horrible it is to have zero confidence. 

I have researched endlessly and spent a lot of time learning from some of the best coaches I could find, and I'll never be done learning. I want my clients to trust that I am giving them 100% of myself so they can achieve their goals.