Women's Health Workshop

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Women's Health Workshop


Join Dr. Peter Mejia and Olivia Orchowski in their introductory Women’s Health Workshop on Saturday the 7th of September from 10:30AM-12:30PM.

Designed by two professionals specialising in Women’s Health, this workshop is aimed at the females who need things explained in the simplest way possible - don’t worry, you won’t be getting complex science-y words thrown at you!

Having worked with hundreds of women, Peter and Olivia were noticing a similar pattern of what was missing in their knowledge base, and the same issues were continually popping up. Simply put, these women had no one left to turn to because every where they turned was resulting in more frustration and no answers.

Join Peter and Olivia in the foundation Women’s Health Workshop which will cover topics such as:

  • Your missing periods

  • Your painful periods

  • Contraception

  • Ensuring proper ovulation

  • Training and nutrition for optimal hormonal health

Places are extremely limited, and this is not a seminar to be missed!

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